Turn your side hustle into a thriving full time business with 1:1 mentorship

Ready to bridge the gap between hobby and business? This 1 : 1 course is tailored to ignite your creative flame while providing actionable insights for sustainable growth. Whether you're navigating the initial stages or seeking a substantial boost, this transformative journey is sure to elevate your photography skills, master the art of business, and truly fall in love with the growth your business deserves.

Unlock the secrets to transform your passion into a truly fulfilling business

Growing a successful business takes work, but it doesn't have to be complicated.

It's no easy task figuring out how to grow a successful business. When I first started, I had absolutely no idea what I was doing, but I was convinced I could do it all. (By myself.) I'd spend hours scouring the internet for new marketing techniques, and analyzing what was bringing other photographers success, but nothing that I tried worked.

Several failed attempts (and tears) later, I found a few mentors who propelled my business to where it is today and I am forever grateful for each and every one of them. Their support and generosity made me really want to help other photographers grow a business they love as much as I love mine! I truly want each and every one of you to succeed.

trade the frustration for ease

Maybe You're Here:

you're Not booking enough clients.

you've tried it all but still aren't getting the results you want

you're not gaining followers on social media

your photo editing is inconsistent

your clients look stiff in pictures

your workflow is clunky and complicated

Say goodbye to the struggles that have been holding back your photography business. My comprehensive photography mentorship is your ticket to:

-  Booking more clients
-  Expanding your social media presence
-  Achieving consistent and professional photo editing
-  Capturing natural and relaxed poses
-  Simplifying your workflow for maximum efficiency

But you're ready for real  results

With unwavering support, I'm committed to being your guide every step of the way, ensuring no question is too small and no ambition is too grand. Invest in your growth today and let's turn your photography aspirations into a reality, together!

With two learning styles to choose from, you'll get immediate answers to all your burning business questions. Choose from a one hour Zoom call or an in-person session where you can get a hands on learning experience where you'll learn how to pose and prompt your clients and how to handle sessions firsthand.

SGP Mentorship

propel your business forward with 1:1 coaching

What You'll Get

- 1 hr to chat and ask me anything you want
- 1 hr family/maternity session or 2 hr newborn session
- Headshot session for you!

- 1 hour zoom call
- Edit your photos along with me
- Questionnaire so I know exactly what we need to go over!

In Person Experience

1:1 Virtual Zoom Meeting

"I learned so much and I highly recommend Steph as a mentor!

I had the privilege of being mentored by Steph, and I can't express how grateful I am for the experience. I learned so much and I highly recommend Steph as a mentor!”


Every mentee will get access to a private Facebook group, a discount off my maternity posing guide and get a cheat sheet of my favorite tips and tricks!

Did someone say bonuses?



Steph was very helpful during our mentorship session. She answered all of my questions and offered some great advice.”

What You'll Learn


- CRM. Learn everything from initial inquiry to delivering the final gallery

- Editing. I’m here to help with any editing struggles you have

- Posing and prompting. Learn different tips and tricks I use to get clients to pose naturally and capture emotive photos

- Social media. I’ll go over a few tips I have for growing your social media

- Camera settings. You must know how to shoot in manual mode but I’ll teach you how to perfect it if that’s something you struggle with

- Uploading and delivering photos. Learn how I store my files and ultimately deliver final galleries!

I’m so happy I took the time to meet with Steph and invest in myself and my business!!

1:1 Zoom Meeting






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Hey, I’m Steph!

I’m a wife, mama of two and growing up, I was always the girl with the camera. I’ve had a love for photography for as long as I can remember and the fact this is my job now still makes me pinch myself.

I’m a firm believer in community over competition and I truly want you to have a job that makes your heart happy and fuels your soul.

With SGP Mentorship, you’ll be turning your hobby into your dream job in no time!

meet your mentor

Got Questions?

Can I split my in-person experience into a Zoom call one day and session another day?

Yes! As a mom, I know sometimes it’s hard to be away for a few hours. So if it’s easier for you, we can definitely have our 1 hour chat over Zoom and then have the session on a separate day. 

When can I schedule my mentorship?

Zoom and in-person mentorships will be held during the week only unless otherwise discussed.

For the in-person mentorship, how will we find clients?

I’ll announce a model call and send you each family that’s interested. You’ll then be able to choose the family you want to photograph as well as choose the clothing you want them to wear for their session.

What do I need for the Zoom call?

Write down all of your questions and we’ll go over it all! If editing is what you’re struggling with, I’ll have you send me a few RAW files so I can edit along with you and get the look to where you want it.

What do I need for our in-person session?

Bring your camera, a few extra SD cards and batteries! I use only natural light, so if you use flash, definitely bring that too.

If you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life.

Let’s get your business to where you’ve always dreamed it could be.

you know what they say...